As promised, a translation of my latest poem.

Translated by Tom Dan.
Eternally grateful my Tom for bringing love into my life, love into my poem..

Your words, you / Irene Dan
will enchant me.
words of the warm kind. lighting a flame.
in the night's Middle Watch (Ashmoret Tichona*). I shall wander.
soon. the sun will arrive.
a new delivery. from beyond the sea.
and the light, this time.
of the warm kind. lighting a flame.
and when I open my morning (eyes).
I, with a heavenly host.
shall fall into a deep sleep.

September 4, 2015

*Rabbi Hezekiah ben Manoah, author of the Hazzekuni book, believes that the word Ashmoret ["watch"] originates in the words for waiting and anticipation. That's because at nighttime there are night watches of angels, reciting songs before God according to the order of their night watches, as each watch awaits its turn.

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